What’s in Your Cart? BTS 2015 Linky Party

Lucky I still have another 4 weeks before School starts up again – phew. But as we all know, the big BTS sale on TpT starts this week! So exciting! Be sure to check out my store to get 28% off all my listings!
So I am teaming up with a great bunch of TpTers for a blog linky hosted by Jenn at Speech Room News. Basically, I’m going to share with you 3 resources from my store and then 3 items that I have in my cart ready for the sale! 
Who couldn’t pass up this much fun on your first day/week back? 
There are so many fun activities included which are just perfect for settling kiddos in on that first day/week. It encourages them to interact with each other, which can be so hard for some of our kiddos! The students especially love having to draw a picture of each other on the find a friend sheet! This bundle is a whopping 189 pages in total and a bargain price! 
The Morning Work book is so much fun, it can be completed every morning – you can laminate the pages and be able to wipe them clean after each day or print out new for each day to keep an ongoing record to view the student’s progress. Includes 2 different difficulty levels!
This is pretty much what the title says – year round editable newsletters! Come in color or black and white options – your preference. A total of 102 pages. You will be set for the year, just add some texts and photos and send it out to families!
What’s in my Cart?
Ok, so I decided after looking in my wishlist/cart there are far too many to list. I mean, seriously, I think I have issues! So I’m going to choose my top 3 that I will most likely buy during the BTS sale;
I love borders, and I love backgrounds so this is just perfect for me!!
So, I think it’s safe to say we all know I have an unhealthy addiction to Creative Clips. Krista is amazing, so talented! I have been after this set for a while there’s so many things I want to make out of it just don’t know if I can justify it right now (especially after purchasing all her monthly clubs up to November week!) but if it’s included in the sale I think this will be bought for defo!
I LOVE THIS! It’s just perfect for upcoming ideas that I have!
So – now that you have seen my unhealthy clipart top 3 wish lists for this BTS sale, tell me, what are you after for sure this sale?
Good luck to all of you returning to School this week! 

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